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rename!me offers more transparency for shortened URLs

How often has it happened to you already that they have a shortened link, which tells you nothing. There is no hint of what is behind him. Perhaps a malicious page or is it just a harmless Youtubevideo?

Here wants to rename!me to create more transparency. Therefore rename!me have links to known websites which an abbreviation to refer in the link. The look of the link to a youtube video for example, like this: by YT at the beginning (which is the abbreviation for YouTube) is equal to recognize that this is a link to is a Youtube video. As we have known abbreviations for other pages:

  • WP for articles from blogs on
  • MS for links to Myspace Profile
  • TW for Twitter profiles and Tweets
  • WK for links to Wikipedia entries
  • eB for auctions on ebay
  • iT for music, movies, apps and other stuff at the Apple iTunes Store
  • AZ for items at Amazon
  • IMG for direct links to images
  • TL for a long Tweets on Tweetlonger

Of course we want to ensure at all times even shorter URLs, so the abbreviations can be removed in order to save characters.

Our abbreviations are expanded to other major websites, even if you know of a great and often linked page, they let us know.